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We have just published our first research note on the data partnership with ValueCo. Our aim was to describe ValueCo's methodology and to test whether the ESG views of investors matter when it comes to pricing corporate bonds.

Our results show that ESG views do indeed influence bond prices, mainly through issuers with the lowest ratings in terms of ESG views. We hope to be able to integrate ValueCo data into other publications and collaborate on research projects.

Shanawaz Bhimji CFA
Head of the research group on corporate bonds, economy.

The integration of extra-financial criteria in portfolio construction has an impact on a fund's investment policy and therefore on its performance. The processes, methodologies, ESG criteria, issues taken into account, etc., can differ greatly from one management company to another. The whole complexity for a fund selector or a multi-manager is to ensure the optimal transparency of a portfolio.

ValueCo compiles fund ESG data in order to provide us with an extremely detailed analysis of our positions. We can thus detect risk factors allowing us to better understand our portfolios and identify funds that meet our criteria.

Louis Abreu
Director of Mandate Management and Multi-Management

We are working with ValueCo to use investor data to provide more information to our green bond clients.

Evaluating investors and distributing points on several sustainability-related topics can help issuers develop and communicate their sustainable ambitions.

Joop Hessels
Responsible for sustainable markets

ValueCo allows us to question our existing ESG data providers and determine how well they align with and deviate from market consensus, complementing our existing qualitative and quantitative ESG analyses.

Their algorithm allowed us to identify outliers and create priority lists in order to prioritize due diligence and in-depth ESG analyses.

Through this collaboration, we are accelerating our ESG validation, while targeting specific companies and investment funds that require our attention from an ESG and impact perspective.

Vincent Triesschijn
Global Head of ESG and Sustainable Investing

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ESG data flows allowing ValueCo to deliver market sentiment analysis to asset managers.

Compare to your peers to better position yourself and differentiate your strategy

Manage the risks of your model and ensure your SFDR compliance.

Access unique market signals to create innovative products.

Engage with companies and give them systematic feedback on their extra-financial performance.

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Access the investor perception of your sustainability performance

Find out what investors think about your sustainability policies and results and how this af financing conditions.

Benchmark against your competitor. Our research allows you to understand what most affects your share price and relevant indicators according to investors for a given sector.

Use our analyses to improve your CSR strategy and manage investors' perceptions.

Our offers
ESG data flows allowing ValueCo to deliver market sentiment analysis to institutional investors.

Deepen your extra-financial due diligence and avoid greenwashing

Compare the sustainability strategies of the funds you select, taking into account their proprietary approaches.

Identify the differentiating factors of asset managers' ESG approaches and rely on the best managers in terms of sustainability.

Manage and monitor your reputational and greenwashing risks.

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