The independent benchmark of your sustainability metrics

You have just integrated an extra-financial component into your selection process, but you cannot compare different ESG strategies without being biased?


How does it work?

Our quantitative ESG due diligence gives you access to analyses based on the scores assigned to issuers by the managers themselves.

You can identify the entities for which these scores are far from the market consensus, so you can quickly find out how to challenge them and what points to look out for with each one.

Conduct tailor-made analyses of your ESG biases

Request and integrate personalised analyses to meet your needs and the development of your strategy. Use our most advanced comparison tools to design your own set of specific analyses.

Be aware of your scoring biases to manage the specificities of your model. Refine its characteristics to ensure alignment with your responsible investment thesis.


Manage your physical and transition risks better with our market signals

Calculate the ESG market value of your portfolio and use it to improve your risk management.

Verify your monitoring of controversies with our monitoring tool and get real validation parameters to carry out your stress tests.

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Identify in a few seconds the main attention points
of your ESG strategy.

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