The investor vision of
your CSR performances

Get a comprehensive market view of the ESG scores used by investors.

Monitor investor perceptions of your sustainability performance

Go beyond interacting with individual investors by using a market-wide analysis of your environmental, social and governance performance.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to adapt your CSR strategy and master your market positioning thanks to your ESG consensus score, E, S and G pillar scores, as well as the share and typology of investors considering you as a responsible investment.

All our analyses are subjected to rigorous controls to guarantee a true reflection of the market. Our consensus data, sourced from leading market players, meets all requirements for independent verification.

Access granular data to compare yourself to your peers

Use our comparison tools to compare your performance with that of your competitors that are similar in size, sector, country of activity...

Sort investors by category to get more detailed information on how they assess your CSR performance and your ESG impact.

Put your strategy forward and better explain to your customers how you generate performance.

Conduct a tailor-made analysis of your ESG ratings

Request and integrate personalised analyses to meet your needs and the development of your strategy. Use our most advanced visualization tools to design your own set of specific analyses.

Identify the indicators that contribute positively to your perception and those that contribute negatively.

Identify areas for improvement according to investors and their priorities. Your roadmap is almost ready!

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