Our CSR policy


As a company with a mission, ValueCo has defined a raison d'être and several objectives to ensure that positive impact is always at the heart of its activities. These elements are written directly into the company's statutes, making them the public and official objectives of our activity.

Reason for being

Our aim is to offer greater transparency on environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores and sustainability factors by providing analysis to investors and companies. These insights are based on the collaborative intelligence of the responsible finance and sustainable development ecosystems. Our raison d'être is reflected in our research programmes on new multidimensional performance models that include human, social and natural capital. By promoting cooperation and exchange between stakeholders, we aim to generate a positive and significant environmental, social and societal impact.

CSR policy

CSR is fully integrated into ValueCo's strategy. It is known by customers and suppliers and supported by company managers, as guaranteed by our bylaws as a mission-driven company.

Thus, every decision and every action plan must include sustainable development-related targets and is subject to social and environmental impact measurement. Progress indicators are in place to measure the effectiveness and relevance of our CSR initiatives.

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CSR policy

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