The independent benchmark of your sustainability metrics

Control your positioning, reassure your customers. Be rigorous with respect to regulations and generate performance!


Control your positioning

Identify the positioning of your sustainability strategy by sector, region, and capitalization in relation to a common reference based on the median of contributors. Use this to check if it fits the profile of your end investors. Allow them to compare your sustainability strategy to your peers by region, sector and capitalization and to better understand your differentiators without having the details.

Verify the adequacy of your financial strategy with your end investors. Allow them to compare your sustainability strategy to other asset managers and better understand your differentiating factors without putting your intellectual property at risk.

Improve the governance of your products

Control the governance of your product by ensuring that your strategy, assumptions and differentiating choices are in line with expectations.

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Manage your risks better from your sustainability model

Be rigorous in your data validation process, comparing the position of each company in your investment universe with the average market view.

Generate performance

Identify opportunities and control risks. Create your watch-list to monitor the worst-performing companies in your portfolio, or those on which market opinion is evolving.


Be really responsible

Participate in making a systematic return to businesses.
All issuers rated by the financial community, regardless of their performance, have the opportunity to obtain a consolidated feedback to improve their CSR and financing strategies.

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of your ESG strategy.

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