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How does the Taxonomy change the game for the ESG ecosystem ?

Click here to access the full replay of the webinar.

As of January 1, 2022, European asset managers must comply with the Taxonomy Regulation. What does this mean for them?

In a debate moderated by Mariem Mhadhbi, 7 industry experts explore different aspects of this issue for both service providers and asset managers:

  1. The objectives and philosophy of this text,

  2. The best strategies to overcome the challenges it poses, from regulatory issues to data availability,

  3. The impact on end customers and management processes,

  4. The solutions to implement in order to adapt to these new obligations,

  5. How to best prepare for future changes in the regulatory framework for sustainable finance,

  6. As a bonus, some questions from the audience at the end, from the most technical to the most philosophical!

Here is the list of speakers for this roundtable, representing at once asset managers, data providers and issuers to offer rich cross-views on the European Taxonomy:


To pursue the debate, we would like to invite you to contribute to our call for evidence on Taxonomy-related services. It consists of a ten-minute questionnaire for asset managers and taxonomy service providers.

Your answers will enable us to synthesize the strategies and services put in place to meet the obligations of the European Taxonomy. Participation will give you privileged access to the results of the study:

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