03 July 2023

Valuation and Sustainability, a book co-authored by Mathieu, was published by Springer Nature.

27 June 2023

We issued our first joint publication with ABN AMRO on the impact of ESG on fixed income

14 June 2023

Mathieu was featured in an article from the IMT Starter on the current state of responsible investment

06 June 2023

Mathieu presented ValueCo's research at the AI for Sustainability Institute presentation webinar

31 May 2023

Mariem stated ValueCo's view on ESG ratings in an article from the AGEFI

23 May 2023

Mathieu spoke at Alliance Compta Regeneration's conference at the French Ministry of Ecological Transition

21 May 2023

Mathieu spoke at the 5th G7 Pensions Dialogue in London

12 May 2023

Mathieu was interviewed in a podcast hosted by the pension fund Prefon on the topic of responsible investment

28 April 2023

Mathieu took part in a webinar hosted by Axylia on the topic of ESG and the SBTI initiative

20 April 2023

ValueCo joined the France-Quebec Digital Program

21 March 2023

Mathieu presented Valueco's research at the 16th “Finance & Society” International Risk Forum

21 March 2023

ValueCo joined the UK Sustainable investment Forum.

15 March 2023

Valueco will host a webinar on the theme of ESG in fund selection

06 March 2023

Mathieu presented Valueco's research at Iceberg Data Lab's monthly all-hands.

03 February 2023

Mariem was quoted in an Option Finance article on the impact of controversies on businesses

19 January 2023

Mathieu presented his research work to the LITEM research center gathering finance experts from the Institut Mines-Télécom

16 December 2022

Mathieu presented his research at the Sustainable Finance Discussions

15 December 2022

Mariem moderated a roundtable at the LPGS Climate Summit

09 December 2022

ValueCo took part in Techstars' program Demo Day

05 December 2022

Mariem ended up second in the race for the PRI board member seat, losing by 5 voices

11 November 2022

Mathieu pitched at the Holland Fintech Monthly Meetup

26 October 2022

ValueCo is featured in the 2023 Panorama of Sustainable Fintechs

24 October 2022

ValueCo joined France DIgitale

20 October 2022

Mathieu spoke at a webinar from Yukka Lab on NLP and investment strategies

17 October 2022

Mariem became an ambassador of the Khiplace Think-tank

07 October 2022

Mathieu held two conferences on Ethics in Finance for Neoma Business School's students

27 September 2022

ValueCo was featured in a white paper published by PMP Strategy and ESSEC Executive Education

22 September 2022

ValueCo co-hosted a webinar with Chapter Zero France on ESG and shareholder value creation 

31 August 2022

Mariem spoke at Data Native on the topic on Data and ESG

29 July 2022

ValueCo published an expert interview on the EU Taxonomy

07 July 2022

ValueCo joined Wilco's Fintech and Insurtech program

05 July 2022

ValueCo hosted a webinar on Biodiversity, Finance, and the Food industry

14 June 2022

Mariem spoke at a Finance Innovation webinar on ESG and investment

20 May 2022

Mariem spoke at the Conference on Sustainable Finance from Neoma Business School

18 March 2022

ValueCo hosted a webinar on the EU Taxonomy and upcoming EU regulation

04 February 2022

ValueCo became a UN Principles for Responsible Investment signatory

01 February 2022

Mariem spoke at Finastra's webinar “Hack to the future: women in fintech with Willa”

28 January 2022

Mariem wrote in HEC Stories - Ten misconceptions about cryptocurrencies

14 January 2022

ValueCo was incorporated as a mission-driven company

08 Décember 2021

Mariem spoke at the FINOV event

23 November 2021

ValueCo joined Willa's Women in Fintech Program

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