Key metrics and achievements

CSR and community

  • Holders of mission-driven company status within the meaning of the PACTE law since our creation on 14 January 2022,
  • Signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, the largest global initiative bringing together responsible investors and financial service providers. Mariem, CEO of ValueCo, stood for election as the UN PRI board member representing service providers and came second in 2022.
  • Member of UKSIF, the UK's Responsible Investment Forum,
  • Holders of the Finance Innovation label, which rewards the quality of innovation in the financial sector and its potential to transform the ecosystem.
  • Winners of A-Team's Best ESG sentiment data provider Award,
  • Winners of the IMT Starter Digital Start-up Trophy,
  • Finalists in the Finance for Tomorrow Fintech for Tomorrow Prize, finalists in the La Banque Postale Asset Management Innovation Awards, finalists in the Leaders League Sustainable Transformation Awards.
  • Admitted to the Techstars - Future of Finance Accelerator, Wilco - Fintech and Insurtech, Willa - Women in Fintech and Live for Good - Entrepreneur for good support programmes.
  • We collaborate with nearly all major French professional associations invested in responsible finance issues, including SFAF, FIR, AF2i, AFG, Swiss Asset Management Association, Acteurs de la Finance Responsable, C3D, and ORSE.
  • We are in contact with international organizations and regulatory bodies to improve cooperation in the financial sector: UN PRI, OECD, Impact Management Platform, BIS, IFC, Building Bridges, Euronext, SIX, AFCM, Banque de France, AMF.


Research and thought leadership

  • We speak publicly every month on ESG and sustainable investment topics, see table below.
  • 100k+ views/month of our LinkedIn posts for 15000+ connections on our company and personal pages,
  • 500 landing page visitors per month,
  • 2600 subscribers to our monthly newsletter.
  • 7 research collaborations on topics related to the explicit integration of sustainability factors in corporate performance and valuation models, see Ongoing research initiatives ✅.
  • 2 discussions with consulting firms for collaborations on white papers and joint events: Instinctif Partners and PMP Strategy.
  • Collaboration with 3 consulting and audit firms (Mazars, PMP Strategy and Grant Thornton) on research initiatives and co-development of services based on our data and analyses for listed issuers.
  • 2 prizes for our internal research: FIR-PRI Prize for academic research in responsible finance and the Environmental Finance Award for Impact Research.



  • 25 data contributors bound by a Collective Intelligence contract (see Contracts and NDAs ✅  for details)
  • 1 consortium agreement signed with ABN AMRO in collaboration with their Debt Capital Market department to co-develop an offer for their issuer clients to integrate ESG factors into their financing strategy.
  • 800 prospects in our sales pipe through targeted calls and mailings, mainly in Europe.
  • 2 signed partnership agreements with consulting firms, Governart and Euronext Corporate Services.

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