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Realign Values and Valuations

As a company with a mission, Valuecometrics places the quest for meaning and impact at the heart of its concerns.

Discover our commitments and founding principles.

Our purpose

We want to enable investors and companies to better take into account Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria and sustainability factors in their activities.


It translates into research programs on new multidimensional performance models including human, social and natural capital.


By promoting cooperation and exchanges between stakeholders, Valuecometrics intends to have a positive and significant environmental, social and societal impact.



Foster engagement between investors and companies


Federate our community around sustainable development objectives


Collaborate with NGOs and contribute free of charge to public research


Make positive impact a systematic goal of our activities


Create a respectful work environment conducive to creativity

Questions ?

Whether you want to learn more about Valuecometrics or discuss potential collaborations, leave a message to the team!

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