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Our history

May 2023

Launch of our SaaS platform for all our data contributors.

First contacts  with major listed companies for the launch of our offer for issuers.

Signature with ABN AMRO as a founding member of our consortium.

Winners of the ESG Insight Award by A-Team in the category “Best ESG market sentiment provider”.

Integration of UKSIF.

April 2023
March 2023

Recruitment of Jawad as Lead Developer.

Publication of a white paper explaining our algorithm for assessing the ESG affinity between an asset manager and an institutional investor.

ValueCo passes the bar of 20 proprietary data contributors.

January 2023
December 2022

Obtaining a loan of honor of €100,000 from our accelerator Wilco.

Recruitment of Adam as a web developer.

Winner of the IMT Starter digital start-up trophy in the business transformation category.

Participation in the Web Summit in Lisbon.

October 2022

Mathieu Joubrel's research article "Bias assessment and mitigation for ESG scoring models" receives the Award for Impact Research from Environmental Finance.

End of the Techstars + ABN AMRO “Future of Finance” accelerator program in Amsterdam.  

Mariem finished second in voting for the PRI Board of Directors.

November 2022

Mathieu Joubrel's research article "Bias assessment and mitigation for ESG scoring models" receives the FIR-PRI for SUStainable Finance award.

Mariem is running for election to the PRI Board of Directors in the service provider category.

Fintech of the Year finalists by Finance for Tomorrow.

Finalists for the Banque Postale AM Innovation Trophies.

Launch of the Techstars + ABN AMRO “Future of Finance” accelerator program in Amsterdam. 

September 2022

Recruitment of Jeanne as a business developer.

August 2022
July 2022

Filing of intellectual property rights relating to our algorithms and methodologies. 

Organization of a round table on biodiversity with Lombard Odier, CDC biodiversity, La Banque Postale AM and CFM.

Integration of Wilco's Fintech and Insurtech incubation program.

Obtaining the PIA grant of €30,000 with our incubator Willa.

June 2022
May 2022

Finalists of the Leaders League Sustainable Transformation Award in the start-up category.


Integration of Willa's Scale program.

Obtention of the Finance Innovation label.

April 2022
March 2022

Nomination for the Sustainable Development Trophies.

Organization of a first webinar on the impact of the European Green Taxonomy on management activities.

Signature of the UN PRI.

Launch of a proof-of-concept for multi-managers and fund selectors.

February  2022
January 2022

Registration of Valuecometrics as a mission-driven company.

Engagement of leading asset managers and institutional investors and data collaborations.  

Multiplication of our exchanges with local players, national and international: OECD, IFC, CDP, BRI, Euronext, SIX, Banque de France, ACPR, AFP, SFAF, AF2I, ORSE, Swiss Association of Asset Managers, etc.

Exchanges with scientific organizations to prepare our research initiatives: Institut Louis Bachelier, Institut Polytechnique Paris, Sciences Po, MIT, etc.

December 2021
November 2021

Integration of the Willa Women in Fintech program.

Development of a prototype platform to share sustainability data confidentially and exploit the resulting analysis and benchmark.

August 2021
June 2021

Launch of the Valuecometrics project to capture market opinion on the extra-financial performances of companies, offer a benchmark to investors on their ESG strategy and a tool for collective engagement with companies to help them improve their CSR policy.

Research on models for comparing investors' proprietary sustainability strategies based on their extra-financial rating systems.

May 2021
February 2021

Research on decentralized collective intelligence models applicable to the measurement of impact and sustainability factors. Study of the granularity of possible analyses using a blockchain as a support to our ecosystem.

MIT training on Blockchain & Innovation.

December 2020
October 2020

Two observations on the ESG data ecosystem:poor quality of the underlying corporate data and lack of a benchmark on the disparity of investors' views. 

Barrett Value Center certification on assessing outstanding values and culture in the corporate environment. How can we build a measurable value system for companies that could be explicitly integrated into market models and company valuation? 

June 2020
May 2020

The most commonly used business valuation models do not take into account the survival of the planet or the human species. How can we enhance them?

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