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The independent benchmark of your sustainability metrics

Make the most of collective intelligence to improve your extra-financial strategy thanks to a comprehensive benchmark of the ESG scores of listed companies.


All our analyzes are subject to rigorous controls in order to guarantee a true reflection of the market. Our consensus data from leading market players meets all independent verification requirements.


Master your positioning

Control your regulatory and reputation risks.

Management companies are now responsible for their data, and when they use third parties, they must check that the data is reasonable. It is therefore important to have a benchmark.

This allows you to control your positioning in the market


Improve your ESG positioning in the market

Get a comprehensive and confidential view of company-wide market ESG scores as well as high-quality independent metrics to assess your extra-financial positioning.
Leverage the collective intelligence of the financial sphere to improve your ESG strategy.

Windmills on green field_edited.jpg
Better manage your physical and transition risks

Calculate the ESG market value of your portfolio and use it to improve your risk management.
Check your controversy monitoring with our monitoring tool and get real validation parameters to perform your stress tests.

Questions ?

Whether you want to learn more about ValueCoMetrics or discuss potential collaborations, leave a message to the team!

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